By Linda Stern

WASHINGTON (Dec 2007, Reuters) - Wondering where to put your money in 2008? It may seem like all the choices are bad, and I'm not talking about the presidential candidates. Stocks, bonds, real estate, and money market funds have all been underwhelming -- at best. Chinese stocks, gold, oil and India suggest bigger gains but also much bigger risks.

It could be a wild ride.

The year 2008 is an election year; they're usually bullish. But it could be a slow (or no) growth year; a year in which recession AND inflation are very real possibilities, and in which it's worth remembering that the worst times always precede the best times.

It's also worth remembering this caveat from Tim Swanson, chief investment officer at National City Bank: "Markets often move in the direction that the fewest people expect."

With that said, here are some observations and trends about where to put your money down in 2008...

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