First dates are all about getting to the second date. Here's how to make him fall all over himself for a second date with you

By Lauren Frances
Special to Yahoo! Personals

Jan 17, Yahoo

As a love coach, I've heard the following question more times than I can remember:
"What happened? I'm so confused. At first, he seemed to really like me. He made reservations, picked me up, and took me to a fabulous restaurant. But for some reason, over the course of dinner, he became a little cold and distant. By the time he dropped me off, he seemed withdrawn and just sped off into the night. I haven't heard from him since! And I really liked him. I'm so bummed! What do you think happened?"

Does this sound familiar to you? If so, you may have broken some cardinal first-date rules without knowing it. Here are eight tips to ensure that a first date will turn into a second if you'd really like it to:

Tip 1. Don't be negative about dating. Why should a man pursue someone who isn't happy? It's ineffective manhandling to dump your dating disappointments on bachelor No. 3.
“Talking to a man about how awful dating is just begs the question, "Are you in therapy?"”

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photo: Lauren Frances