'She does not seem to want to be with these kids, because she's not following the rules,' a family-law attorney says.

By Jennifer Vineyard

Jan 16, mtv

OK, she wasn't actually required to be there. Still, knowing how important Monday's custody hearing could be in the process of regaining visitation rights with her two young sons, you might think Britney Spears would actually go inside the courtroom — after all, she practically made it to the courthouse steps anyway. So why didn't she?

"I'm scared," the singer told her companions when she got out of a sport-utility vehicle at the Los Angeles courthouse. "I want to get back in the car. Let me get in the car, please."

It could be that Spears was scared of more than just the paparazzi throng at the courthouse. After all, she deals with photographers following her every day, though, lately at least, with much less patience and more anger than fear. Last weekend, in an incident in a shopping-mall parking lot that was caught on videotape, she screamed at the paparazzi, "I'm f---ing over it. Get out of my g--damn face!"

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photo: Britney Spears by CJCM/Finalpixx/Newscom