Feb 12, Wired

BERLIN -- The Italian actress and model Isabella Rossellini, who has been starring in big-screen movies for 20 years, is making her directorial debut with a series of short films designed for cellphones and computers. Rossellini's one-minute shorts are dramatic reenactments of insects copulating called Green Porno, a name designed to draw search engine traffic.

"What do people mostly go online for, but to look at porn?" explains Canadian filmmaker Jody Shapiro, Rossellini’s co-director. "So we put 'Porno' in, and when people Google it, maybe we'll get lucky and Green Porno will come up. We might as well take advantage of the delivery system."

In each episode, Rossellini assumes the role of the male insect. "Seeing Isabella Rossellini mount a housefly from behind while smiling at the camera," Shapiro remarked, "I can't imagine many people would have ever thought they’d see that."

Each of the one-minute shorts explains how insects copulate. Shot on high-definition video, and featuring cartoonish sets and costumes, the simple colorful shorts are designed to hold up well on portable video devices.

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photo: Isabella Rossellini stars in and co-directs Green Porno (Screenshot by Brian Jackson)