By Jenny Ringland

Feb 9,

IT'S what many have suspected for some time, but now it's official - men are becoming more vain.

According to a recent survey, men now spend 30 per cent more time on looking good than they did five years ago.

The study published in the UK found the average man takes 30 minutes to get ready for anight out.

The most commonly cited reason for taking so long was the desire to "look good" - and it seems Aussie men are displaying similar tendencies.

Supermarket sales of men's toiletries in Australia are increasing by 5per cent a year, according to the latest Nielsen findings.

The most popular category, face care - which includes cleansers and moisturisers - is increasing annually by 10 per cent.

Professional ambition is one factor, with the survey revealing many men believe paying closer attention to personal grooming will impress the boss.

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