By Roger Friedman

Feb 15, Fox News

Michael Jackson had better wake up and smell the coffee. He’s got a real, solid, $1 million-a-night offer on the table to play London’s Millennium Dome.

AEG Live, as I told you a few weeks ago, wants Jackson to play its Millennium Dome in London. Sources tell me they’ve made him an extraordinary offer.

The deal that’s been offered could total up to $30 million. It begins with a $10 million guarantee for 10 nights, with a maximum of 30 nights adding up to $30 million.

The first grouping is all he has to do, though, just those 10 shows. With bump-ups, etc., he could gross around $17 million.

It’s not a hard show to do, either. The proposal, as I’ve been told, is for Jackson to stage his bestselling album "Thriller" from beginning to end at each show. Then, for encores, he would add in several hits from "Off the Wall" and other albums.

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photo by AP