By Wong Mun Wai

Feb 14, Channel New Asia

SINGAPORE : Singaporeans are the biggest spenders in Asia for Valentine's Day. This is according to a survey which found that 60 percent of Singaporeans would spend up to S$500 to mark this occasion

Besides respondents from Singapore, those in Korea and China are likely to be big Valentine's Day spenders.

50 percent of the Chinese surveyed indicated that they would spend up to S$500. 78 percent of Koreans who took part in the survey said they would spend up to S$250.

The survey was conducted by GE Money Asia, which had polled 3,115 GE Money Asia and Joint Venture partner employees.

Besides Singapore, China and Korea, the survey also covered India, Thailand, Japan and the Philippines.

The poll showed that 60 percent of Singaporeans used their credit cards to splurge on their loved ones, and only started shopping for the gifts a week before February 14.

Three in four Singaporeans felt that Valentine's Day is a commercial exercise.

90 percent of the women surveyed said that Valentine's Day is here to stay. 67 percent of men support Valentine's Day and do not think it should be cancelled.

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