Without being a porn star

By Stefan Anitei

Feb 26, Softpedia

Not only drugs cause addiction. Sugar or sex can be addictive as well. It's all in the dopamine (feel good hormone). The case of estate agent Amy Michaels was described by newsoftheworld.co.uk. Her job enabled her to make any house-hunting men offers they couldn't reject: after seeing the flat, the guys could bet as bonus Amy
naked in the bedroom. This was at the point of making her lose her £50,000-a-year job. When Amy got married, she had to give up her lifestyle, but only after cheating on her fiance 30 times before.

"I've had sex with at least 1,000 men - but I'm no slut. I'm a sex addict," the 33-year-old Amy told newsoftheworld.co.uk. Amy states she has slept with one guy every week since the age of 17, when she started her sex life.

"I began doing it with clients while we were supposed to be viewing houses. I had a boyfriend at the time but it wasn't enough. At the same time I was also at it with a colleague at work. We used a house we were supposed to be selling and one night I ended up in a threesome with him and his flatmate. It was incredible. Having two men giving you attention for hours on end is something every woman should sample at least once in her life. I love the adrenalin buzz the moment just before I know I'm going to have sex with a stranger. For a second I think, 'what are you doing' but that just adds to the excitement," Amy said.

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photo: Amy Michael (credits: newsoftheworld.co.uk)