Feb 11, MonstersandCritics

Yet more Grand Theft Auto IV news today, following the arrival of the game’s official Web site, with Microsoft Corp. beating its oiled chest in Sony’s direction ahead of the April 29 arrival of Rockstar’s eagerly anticipated free-roaming epic.

Specifically, while chatting with technology magazine Wired at the DICE summit, the head of Microsoft Game Studios has said that owning the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV is a high priority for Microsoft.

“We already own it, I believe, from a content standpoint, because we have the exclusive episodes,” trumpeted studio boss Shane Kim before adding that the “Xbox 360 is still going to have the ultimate experience for GTA IV… we have to make sure the customers know that.”

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photo: Microsoft Game Studios boss Shane Kim says the Xbox 360 will own the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV (Credit: Xbox.com)