March 24,

SANDRA Gendron handed the anaesthetist attending her a camera before she went under the knife to deliver her first baby and asked him to record the birth.

The first photograph of little Daniel Gendron was not at all what she had expected.

"I was so upset," she said yesterday.

"One leg is dangling and one leg is taking his whole body weight. The doctor is just holding his hand under Daniel's head and there is no support to his back.

"It's not a really nice photo. He's not holding my baby gently."

The doctor was Graeme Reeves.

Five years later the doctor would be secretly banned by a Medical Board committee from working as an obstetrician after the death of one baby, the death of a patient and for endangering the life of another patient.

In the latest horror story told by a patient of the rogue doctor, dubbed the Butcher of Bega, Ms Gendron said when she awoke from the caesarean in Baulkham Hills Private Hospital, she discovered Reeves had cut her from her navel down, instead of beneath her bikini line.

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photo: Shock ... Mrs Gendron was greatly upset when she saw the image / Image supplied (