And a new genre is born: SPG – Sexy Playing Game

By Calin Ciabai, Games Editor

March 06, Softpedia

It was just one or two days ago when I said that sexy girls in video games (with a bonus from nakedness) help these games sell, even if they are not exactly what you could call a good game.
I made fun of X-Blades just because it features a heroine wearing thongs and a little bra, together with big weapons. But now I realize it's a trend. We're doomed to get hit from everywhere by games where sexy chicks do all the dirty work. So, bring it on!

Witches is a game that brings it on and it's trying to do it for quite a while, having in mind that it's in development since 2007. Its story? Simple: sexy and sensual chicks fighting against ugly males, backed up probably by a futile storyline. It appears that you will control a witch called Shadow and try to fight against the Hordes of the Beast, some horrifying, satanic creatures, sometime during the medieval times. Your main priority: enjoy the contrast between sensual beauty and sinister horrors!

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image by softpedia