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March 28, MSNBC

Considering all the speculation that surrounded the casting of the upcoming “Star Trek” movie, it wouldn’t seem like a stretch to think that Tom Cruise might be one more late addition to the roster.

“Tom visited the set of the movie and chatted with J.J. Abrams,” a source close to the actor said. The last time Cruise was spotted on a set for a movie he wasn’t said to be signed on for — “Tropic Thunder” — it turned out he had a small role. Unfortunately for Cruise fans, the visit to the “Star Trek” set was just a social call — Cruise and Abrams are friends, and apparently, Cruise is a fan of the television series and in particular, Dr. Spock.

“He asked J.J. if there’s a way he can meet Leonard Nimoy. He said he’d always really respected his work,”

“Star Trek” isn’t due out until summer 2009, “Tropic Thunder” arrives in theaters this August, and Cruise’s sophomore effort from United Artists, “Valkyrie,” will be released in October.

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photo: Tom Cruise reportedly is a big fan of the “Star Trek” television series and of Dr. Spock in particular (Paul Buck / Corbis)