By staff writers

April 11,

THE internet is abuzz with a heated debate as to whether US Vice President Dick Cheney went fly fishing with a naked woman.

Since Wednesday, internet blogs and forums have been scrutinising a White House photograph of Mr Cheney, according to newswire MCT.

The photo – a close-up of Mr Cheney's face – shows him sporting dark sunglasses and a grin.

But it's the reflection in the Vice President's sunglasses which is spilling a lot of cyber ink. Some believe the reflection looks like a naked woman.

On, one internet user kicked off the debate with the following posting:

"Notice anything … interesting … reflected in his sunglasses? Something that has little to do with conventional 'fly fishing'?"

On, a website dedicated to professional photography, another user came to their own conclusion:

"Naked woman? That explains his heart problems!!"

Not everyone agreed. Some, including White House staff, could see only the profile of a man's face and cigar, according to MCT.

On AOL's Political Machine, readers could vote on what they thought was reflected in the sunglasses.

But what does the Vice President think? His office issued the following statement:

"Clearly the picture shows a hand casting a rod," said spokeswoman Meagan Mitchell.

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photo: Naked truth? ... Was US Vice President Dick Cheney fly fishing with a naked woman? Picture: White House