By Jake Stump
Daily Mail Capitol Reporter

April 12, DailyMail

One St. Albans man would rather burn ink into his skin than buy another gallon of gas for his 1992 Subaru Loyale.

So he's come up with an artistic approach to protest the sky-high price of fuel.

James Burns is auctioning off advertising space on his neck and the back of his head on eBay.

At the starting bid of $99, Burns says he'll tattoo a company logo, Web site or anything at the winner's request as long as it doesn't contain profanity.

Burns, 29, plans to put the money toward a more fuel-friendly set of wheels, a QLINK Legend motorcycle that runs on 80 miles to the gallon.

"Gas prices are hurting everyone," said Burns, who's married with four children, ages 9 to 12. "They're sticking it to me. I've got kids at home and I'm trying to do everything I can. With the way gas is, we've had to cut back on everything."

Burns' full-time job as a chemical operator in Nitro doesn't bring home enough bacon for him and his family. He's posted ads offering services for odd jobs on Craigslist, to no avail.

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photo: At the starting bid of $99, James Burns says he’ll tattoo a company logo, Web site or anything at the winner’s request as long as it doesn’t contain profanity (Courtesy photo)