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April 13,

TOM Cruise has grave concerns for the health of his wife, Katie Holmes, and reportedly wants her to stay away from one of her few girl friends, Victoria Beckham.

Cruise is reportedly concerned that the ex-Spice Girl is becoming a bad influence and "rubbing off on his wife just a bit too much", reports London's Daily Mail.

"Katie sees Victoria as a role model," a source told the newspaper.

"She copies Victoria's look and even cut her hair the same way."

See pictures of Holmes' changing looks here.

But Cruise, a devout Scientologist, is also concerned Holmes has lost too much weight recently.

"She is very thin largely because she is following Victoria's strict 900-calories-a-day eating plan.

"She is copying Victoria's fad of eating seaweed shakes, frozen grapes and edamame beans. She is tiny."

As details emerge of Cruise's fears for his wife, Victoria Beckham has been dealt another blow after several US boutiques have dropped her pricey jeans from their shelves.

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photo: Tom Cruise is reported to have fears for his wife's health due to her close connection with Victoria Beckham (