Is a threat for YouTube?

By Bogdan Popa, Security and Search Engines Editor

April 16, Softpedia

YouTube has lots of rivals on the web, but when lots of label companies and artists ally to form a powerful video sharing service, it may be a real threat for the Mountain View-based company Google. PluggedIn, a YouTube-like music video website providing up to 10,000 licensed clips, has just been rolled out, providing multiple advanced features to users looking for multimedia content.

First of all, there's the number of videos: 10,000 as the owner states. All of them come from EMI Music, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, independent labels or other companies. But what's important is that all the clips are licensed so it's obvious PluggedIn want to avoid YouTube-like copyright disputes.

Then, there's the video player which, according to PluggedIn owners, supports high-definition full-screen playback with no buffering. Moreover, the player provides DVD-like controls in order to improve the viewing experience.

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