Created by Rune Larsen

By Florin Troaca, Communications News Editor

June 27, Softpedia

After the amazing Morph handset, presented by Nokia at the beginning of the year, we now have another shape-shifting concept to bear the Finnish giant manufacturer's logo. Named exactly Nokia ShapeShift, the new concept is not presented by Nokia, as it was the case with Morph, but by Rune Larsen, a designer who is not at his first attempt of this kind.

Unlike Morph, which should be a device that can entirely change its form, Rune Larsen's Nokia is able to change only the shape of its touchscreen display. More exactly, the ShapeShift's display would be made out of two special-plastic layers – the inner one being rigid and the outer one being flexible. Between them, a thin layer of a liquid substance should be able to transform the touchscreen and turn it into an alphanumeric or a QWERTY keypad.

According to Larsen, the nice-looking Nokia ShapeShift would not be heavier than 125 grams and it would measure only 110 x 55 x 12 millimeters. Moreover, its display would be a 4 inch one – larger than any display currently packed in any other mobile device.

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photo: Nokia ShapeShift concept phone (Credits: Rune Larsen)