The green company paid a $25 million fee for the advanced power management suite

By Ionut Arghire, Windows Editor

August 8, Softpedia

Transmeta Corporation recently announced that it included Nvidia into its group of LongRun and LongRun2 low-power technologies licensees. It looks like this licensing might keep the company alive for quite a long time. Nvidia had to pay a "one-time, non-refundable license fee of $25 million", which granted
the Santa Clara company a "non-exclusive license to Transmeta’s Longrun and Longrun 2 technologies and other intellectual property".

"LongRun2 Technology is a suite of advanced power management, leakage control and process compensation technologies that can diminish the negative effects of increasing leakage power and process variations in advanced submicron geometries. LongRun2 Technology addresses these challenges with a broad set of solutions that include advanced algorithms, innovative circuits, unique devices and structures, process techniques, software and manufacturing optimization methods," said Transmeta in the press release.

All of today's trends point to power management, mainly in what concerns graphics cards and processors for ultraportable devices. The industry is aware of the fact that extended run-time for portable machines can be achieved through power efficient devices that use the battery rather than accelerating the battery technology to a point where it can offer more working time.

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photo: Nvidia licensed advanced power management suite from Transmeta (Credits: slashgear)