The schedule is too demanding

By Andrei Dobra, Games Editor

October 14, Softpedia

Microsoft has definitely had a busy Tokyo Game Show. With announcements left and right about Tekken 6 or about the New Xbox Experience, the company is getting the hype going around about their updates and products. During this convention, John Schappert, corporate vice president of Microsoft, spoke about the Xbox 360 update development cycle for Spring/Fall. He said that this schedule might not apply after the launch of the NXE, the biggest and most elaborate update to have ever worked on.

“I don't know if we are going to tie ourselves to a spring/fall release schedule as much,” said Schappert at the TGS. “I think one of the things that I worked with the team with when I joined -- let's do a big release. Spring and fall sounds like there is a lot of distance between the two but there is an awful lot of... it's pretty hard to make a new dashboard because you have to certify it against every revision of the hardware, and there's a bunch of different specs. It's a pretty time-consuming and challenging thing to do. Which is why we only did it twice a year.”

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image by Gamepro