December 19,

Forgive me but I'm something of a plain speaker and I'm writing 

about an issue that can be dangerous to your health. Millions of people around the world are obese. Tens of millions are seriously overweight.

There is absolutely clear evidence that people who are overweight run the risks of Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. The longer you are overweight, the higher the risk of early death. So why are you overweight?

The answer could not be more simple. You are overweight both because you eat too much sweet or fatty food, and because you refuse to exercise.

The remedy?

You have to eat smaller portions of more healthy food and exercise. This represents a major lifestyle change. It sounds so simple but most overweight people are food junkies. When you start, you find you're hooked on all the wrong kinds of food. Try changing the diet and your body develops withdrawal symptoms. For the first time in years, you feel hunger.

There's a remedy. You can buy phentermine online (where it's cheapest). As the longest running appetite suppressant on the market, it has proved itself as effective to keep the hunger pangs at bay. So, while you go through the withdrawal period and your stomach slowly contracts, growing more used to smaller amounts of food inside, you take phentermine.

This tricks your conscious mind into thinking you are full. All you have to do is to control the reflex action to snack. Like everything important in life, losing weight is all about having the motivation to keep going. Some join clubs or circles to get the emotional support they need. Others buy phentermine and wait out the pain of hunger.

Without the help and support of family, friends and colleagues, you will probably have relapses. There is no need to feel guilt. Just pick yourself up again and get back on the wagon. The weight will slowly come off - it will be faster if you exercise as well. I deliberately started off the article with a frightener. But the medical evidence is clear. An early death is waiting for most people who remain overweight. If this fear is not a good motivator for you, keep on with the phentermine as directed by your physician.

No matter how you do it, you should make actual weight reduction your highest priority in life. You owe it to your family if not to yourself.

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