Strategy is successful

By Andrei Dobra, Games Editor

Real Time Strategy games are extremely popular on the PC. Just take a lot at the recent PC sales charts, which are currently dominated by three top strategy titles: Dawn of War II, Empire: Total War and Red Alert 3 Uprising.

But a lot of modern RTS games are also launched for consoles, some of them even being exclusive to said platforms, like the recently released Halo Wars title that appeared on Microsoft's Xbox 360. Considered Ensemble Studios' magnum opus, it was the first in the Halo franchise to branch out from the traditional First Person Shooter genre and take on a more strategic overview on the battles before the first Halo title.

We've already heard Microsoft say that it pins high hopes on the strategy title, but now it seems that these expectations have been met, as the North American company announced that Halo Wars sold over a million copies worldwide, showcasing that even strategy games could be popular if they had a successful brand attached to them, like Halo.

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image: A popular title, says Microsoft. Image credits: Wikipedia