They are quite popular with audiences

By Tudor Vieru, Science Editor

Horror films are not the standard in cinema, and are sometimes considered to be something of a niche genre. In spite of this, they cash sufficiently large sums of money at the box office, and have dedicated fans that form strongly bound communities. In recent months, a number of horror movies have taken theaters by storm, showcasing the supernatural and the frightening. Experts have been puzzled at what makes these films popular for many years, and finally decided to investigate the matter thoroughly.

In fact, the question that had scientists scratching their heads was why people keep coming back to the theaters when these movies are running, if they were scarred out of their minds the first time around. Ask a horror buff, and they will tell you that, as soon as they get up from the edge of their seats, they are ready to go at it again. If we find the sequences in these movies so repulsive, why do we keep watching them?

Image: Horror movies gross big at the box office even if they are a niche genre (Flickr / insertinanename)