May 6, CNN

PARIS, France -- Interpol has launched a global appeal to identify a man who is pictured sexually abusing young boys in hundreds of images on the Internet.

Tuesday's appeal is the second time that Interpol -- an organization that facilitates global cooperation among police agencies -- has asked for the public's help in identifying a suspected pedophile. The first time, last October, led to an arrest ten days later.

The man is featured in 100 photographs sexually abusing at least three boys between the ages of six and 10, Interpol said.

The suspect in the latest case is a white man, shown with gray, thinning hair in six photos released by Interpol.

He appears to be in his late 40s or early 50s in the images. Interpol said that despite two years of investigations, it and other police agencies have so far been unable to determine his identity, nationality or whereabouts.

Interpol posted six photos of the suspect on its Web site.

The pictures came to light in 2006, when Norwegian authorities discovered them in the possession of a man they arrested.

"While these images were only discovered two years ago, we believe the photographs were taken between April 2000 and May 2001, so clearly this man will be older than he appears in the pictures," Kristin Kvigne, assistant director of Interpol's Trafficking in Human Beings unit, said in a news release.

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photo: Interpol has launched a global appeal to find this man, accused of abusing young boys (By Interpol)