By Myles Wearring

May 5,

WOMEN are more effective in nearly all aspects of business management, with men superior in only two areas, a study has found.

According to research, which collected data from over 1800 Australian female and male CEOs and managers, women scored higher than men on the key issues of strategic drive, risk taking, people skills, aesthetics and altruism, and innovation.

Females equalled males in the area of emotional stability.

The two areas men came out on top were command and control of management operations, and focusing on financial returns.

This showed men were more task focused and more comfortable getting the job done, rather than bothering with relationships, the study said.
"The study reflects the ability of women to look beyond operational process management and cost control alone, and focus more on the holistic elements of a business," said Gillian O'Mara, director and general manager of Steps Leadership Programs, which commissioned the study by Peter Berry Consultancy.

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photo: Better boss ... women perform better when it comes to innovation, strategic drive and risk taking. Picture: Michael Perini